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Abolition is not absence, it is presence. What the world will become already exists in fragments and pieces, experiments and possibilities. So those who feel in their gut deep anxiety that abolition means knock it all down, scorch the earth and start something new, let that go. Abolition is building the future from the present, in all of the ways we can.

- Ruth Wilson Gilmore


Abolitionist Futures have generated an extensive ‘Introduction to Abolition 2022 Reading List’. We are sharing with gratitude and draw  particular attention towards the section on feminist, queer, antiracist approaches to abolition.


Below, we are sharing some additional resources, mostly from 2022 onwards.




Abolition Geography: Essays Towards Liberation by Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Abolition. Feminism. Now. by Angela Y. DavisGina DentErica R. Meiners, and Beth E. Richie


Practicing New Worlds: Abolition and Emergent Strategies by Beth E. Ritchie

Become Ungovernable: An Abolition Feminist Ethic for Democratic Living by H.L.T. Quan

Abolition Revolution by Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean

Family Abolition Capitalism and the Communizing of Care by M. E. O'Brien


Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation by Sophie Lewis


Spirituality and Abolition by Ashon Crawley and Roberto Sirvent (Eds), with the Abolition Collective


Online Articles:


The socialist case for abolition by Carrie Evans

What is Abolition Feminism and Why Do We Need It  Now? by Kitana Ananda

How Abolition Feminism Fuels the Movement For Black Liberation by Mariame Kaba and Andrea J. Ritchie

Abolition Feminism is the only solution for the criminalisation of gender-violence survivors by Marcela Onyango and Tinuke Fagborun


Why Policing and Prisons Can’t End Gender Violence by Angela Y. DavisGina DentErica R. Meiners, and Beth E. Richie


Abolition Must Include Psychiatry by Stella Akua Mensah. Edited by Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu

Envisioning a New World Through Abolition Geography: an interview with Ruth Wilson Gilmore by Sonali Kolhatkar



Abolition Is Now with Leah Cowan & Lola Olufemi

Where life is precious, life is precious.” with Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Abolitionist Therapy: Possibilities for Transformation with Dr. Travis Heath and Gabes Torres

On Abolition Feminism with H.L.T. Quan

Abolition Geography with Ruth Wilson Gilmore & Dalia Gebrial

An Abolitionist Theory of Care with Chelsea A. Jackson


Insurgent Social Reproduction and Communizing Care with M.E. O’Brien

Abolishing the Family for Universal Care with Sophie Lewis

Abolish Psychiatry with Vesper Moore


Abolition is Disability Justice with Tina Minkowitz




Abolition. Feminism. Now. with Angela Y. Davis, Gina Dent, Erica R. Meiners, and Beth E. Richie moderated by Mariame Kaba.



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