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Trans-Inclusionary Feminism


Online articles:

Define Women! And Other Patriarchal Instructions by Sara Ahmed

Exploring Transgender Law and Politics by Catharine A. MacKinnon, with Finn Mackay, Mischa Shuman, Sandra Fredman, and Ruth Chang

Gender Criticism Versus Gender Abolition: On Three Recent Books About Gender by Grace Lavery

Gender Critical = Gender Conservative by Sara Ahmed 


Black Trans Feminism: Marquis Bey interviewed by Guy Emerson Mount

Non-Binary Feminism: The personal is still political by Meg-John Barker

Transphobia, whorephobia and (as) capitalist-colonial gender by Ali Phipps


The Urgent Need for Radical Feminism Today by Breanne Fahs

5 Things to Know to Make Your Feminism Tran-Inclusive by The Human Rights Campaign Foundation


Feminists have long supported trans rights by Kelsey Burke


Feminists explain how the fights for women’s rights and trans rights are one and the same by Amelia Hansford


Non-Obvious Connections: How Feminism Becomes Transphobic? by Olga Plakhotnik and Maria Mayerchyk 


Trans Feminism: There’s No Conundrum About It by Julia Serano 

One Is Not Born A Woman: Remembering Monique Wittig's Feminism by Rashad Khan


The Transfeminist Manifesto by Emi Koyama

Amateur Hour, or Feminism Against TERFism by Rebecca Coleworthy

Trans Philosophy Matters by Kate Manne

'Gender ideology’ is all around us – but it’s not what the Tories say it is by Finn MacKay

How a feminist lesbian music collective powerfully defended trans rights in 1970s Los Angeles by Felix Moore

Journal Articles / Editions:

Morgan, R. J., (2023) “Evangelicals, Feminists, and the 'Unlikely' Discursive Alliance at the Heart of British Transphobia”, DiGeSt - Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies, 10(2), 48-64

Carrera-Fernández, M. V., & DePalma, R. (2020). “Feminism will be trans-inclusive or it will not be: Why do two cis-hetero woman educators support transfeminism?” in The Sociological Review 68(4), 745-762. 


Phipps, A. (2016) “Whose personal is more political? Experience in contemporary feminist politics.” in Feminist Theory 17(3), 303-321. 


McQueen, P. (2016). "Feminist and trans perspectives on identity and the UK Gender Recognition Act." in British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 18(3), 671-87. 

Bettcher, T. (2017) "Trans Feminism: Recent Philosophical Developments", Philosophy Compass Vol 12, Issue11. 

Bettcher, T. (2020) "Feminist Perspectives on Trans Issues" in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2020 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

Rudy, S. (2020). “Gender’s ontoformativity, or refusing to be spat out of reality: reclaiming queer women’s solidarity through experimental writing.” in Feminist Theory, 21(3), 351-365. 


Deborah Shaw (2023) “A tale of two feminisms: gender critical feminism, trans inclusive feminism and the case of Kathleen Stock.” Women's History Review, 32:5, 768-780. 


Zanghellini, A. (2020). “Philosophical Problems With the Gender-Critical Feminist Argument Against Trans Inclusion”. SAGE Open, 10 (2). 


"TERF Wars: Feminism and the fight for transgender futures" The Sociological Review, Volume 68, Issue 4, July 2020 (full free access available on Dr. Ruth Pearces's website)


"Trans/Feminisms" Transgender Studies Quarterly Volume 3, Issue 1-2, May 2016

Psychotherapists and Counsellors of 2026. (2024). "A Letter from the Future to Ourselves". Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice, 7(1), 1–4.



Book Chapters:

"The politics of gender and identity" by Finn Mackey and Jana Bacevic in What Matters Most: Conversations on the Art of Living by Anthony Morgan (ed)


"Transmisogyny: Who wins?" in Feminism Interrupted: Disrupting Power by Lola Olufemi


"The Social Construction of Sex" in Think Like a Feminist: The Philosophy Behind The Revolution by Carol Hay


"What's happening now?" in Gender Trauma by Alex Iantaffi 


Whose Afraid of Gender? by Judith Butler

Female Masculinities and the Gender Wars by Finn Mackay


Gender Heretics: Evangelicals, Feminists, and the Alliance against Trans Liberation by Rebecca Jane Morgan 

A Short History of Trans Misogyny by Jules Gill-Peterson

Love and Money, Sex and Death by McKenzie Wark


Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano


Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive by Julia Serano


Black Trans Feminism by Dr. Marquis Bey 


Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity by Judith Butler 


Transgressive: A Trans Woman On Gender, Feminism, and Politics by Rachel Anne Williams 

The Transgender Studies Reader by Susan Stryker and Stephen Whittle (Eds)




This Ideology Threatens Our Fundamental Freedoms with Judith Butler and Ash Sarkar

Who's Afraid of Gender? with Professor Judith Butler and Chair: Professor Sumi Madhok

Gender Without Identity with Ann Pellegrini and Avgi Saketopoulou in discussion with Joanna Kellond


Why feminists should support transgender rights by Amelia Abraham


Trans Black Feminism is LITERALLY for Everyone with Dr. Marquis Bey 




A Short History of Trans Misogyny w/ Jules Gill-Peterson

Trans Misogyny and the State w/ Jules Gill-Peterson


What is a Woman? w/ Amia Srinivasan



The Radical Therapist Network has created an extensive list of LGBTQI+ resources which we recommend psychotherapists and counsellors becoming familiar with. Sharing in acknowledgement and with gratitude.  


If you can recommend additional feminist-informed trans-affirmative resources, please do send them our way so we can add them. With thanks to TACTT members for their suggestions. 

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