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Community WhatsApp Group

The Feminist Therapy Network (FTN) Community WhatsApp Group is for therapeutic practitioners interested in exploring feminist perspectives in their practices and in building feminist community. It exists to support each other in:

  • sharing feminist resources, including articles, books, organisations and events

  • asking and responding to feminist questions and dilemmas (both therapeutic and non-therapeutic)

  • promoting and sharing feminist events  - locally, nationally and globally

  • feminist organizing, for example attending protests, petitions, letter-writing

  • building community and collective feminist solidarities together


All FTN events will be announced first in this group, before being promoted publically. Please note that this group is not a space for sharing and obtaining client referrals.


By joining the FTN Community WhatsApp group you are agreeing to honour the FTN’s Ethos in your interactions with other group members. Please ensure you are familiar, and in alignment, with the ethics and intentions of the FTN before joining. This group practices participation and reciprocity – please do not join if you do not intend to offer presence and contribute in ways that are possible to you. 


Unkind and discriminatory behaviour will result in removal from the group. Please contact the group admin if you have any concerns about particular posts. Sharing personal details of other group members outside of the group is not allowed, unless you have obtained their consent to do so. 



Joining the group occurs a one-off fee of £10.00. This fee supports the work of the FTN.


To join, please email with a link to either your therapy website or online membership profile. If you’re a trainee, email confirmation on where you are training. This is simply to confirm your status as a therapist or therapist-in-training. Then, following receipt of your £10 payment via Paypal, you will be sent a link to join the group. When you join, please share a post with your name and location.

WELCOME to the FTN Community

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